Become an experienced consultant by creating a career at Improve IT

We always welcome upcoming stars as well as experienced knowledge

Become an experienced consultant by creating a career at Improve IT​

We always welcome upcoming stars as well as experienced knowledge

Being a part of Improve IT is not just about having a great job.

It’s about being passionate 

We will not squeeze you to make you fit into a certain box. A career at Improve IT means you will find and polish your own box, so that it fits you perfectly. Your development is a key-ingredient to success and we love to support you all the way. All you need to be successful is passion and a hard-working mindset.

If you need to, we offer you a work-buddy until you feel confident in having your own assignment and customers. We do value curiosity and that you thrive with responsibility – if you bring that to the table, we assure you will have a very steep learning curve. You will always be welcome to ask for advice along the way.

Our culture

Even when working within a busy business field, we always value individuals – you are our greatest resource. When you thrive, we grow as a team. For that reason, we practice freedom with responsibility – flexible working hours and flexible workplaces as an example.    

Even when we encourage and inspire you to work independently, no one is left alone in the dark. We strive to help each other, and we believe that makes us all better at what we do. Working together might reveal new angles and solutions.

Global companies are our main co-workers, and you will also have travelling days and meet a lot of different cultures, nationalities, companies and people working in them.

What we offer

At Improve IT we have a strong technical foundation
combined with a passion for creating business value.

We thrive in challenging environments, where the individual performance of the consultant is key to our client’s success in their strategic projects, and where your colleagues at Improve IT are always ready to support, so someone always has your back.

We work as consultants and trusted advisors for our clients, so most of our time is spent on the customer locations.
As a young talent you have strong people beside you.

Join our talented dream team

This team is always looking for new talents. You might be a top student, you graduated recently, or you are an experienced consultant. 

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us your application. 

Program- & Project Manager


As our new Program- & Project Manager you thrive in an environment with multiple tasks and people around you. Your eyes are locked on to the end goal, yet you continuously glance at the process and details within. From the outset, you are willing and capable of moving both employees, programs, and projects from A to B. Performing in fast moving surroundings, you feel the joy of working independently.

Senior Consultant


Ambition, results, and a fast-moving environment won’t scare you off so easily. Throughout your career, you have managed various numbers of advisor roles within leading companies with great feedback and results. We’d like you to become a part of the team at Improve IT, if you enjoy making great changes in complex yet thrilling workflows, programs, and companies.

Junior Project Coordinator

Students & Graduates

Having the greater overview, even with multiple deadlines and projects describes you perfectly. The surroundings are continuously changeable, and you prosper from it. You might be a student or a brand-new graduate. You are talented, eager, and willing to learn much more under the wings of an eagle in your field.

Junior Consultant

Students & Graduates

What you bring to the table at Improve IT is courage, motivation, and a professional way of working and learning. Our business is occasionally quite changeable and agile – so you also need to be. You are persistent and thorough, while enjoying working with a smile. Your skills cannot be questioned, yet we will support you in every assignment.