Our services

Our services

Our key to success

We are professionals within IT Delivery and agile transformations, strategic program project management and outsourcing. Helping our clients improve or transform their IT delivery organization is our passion and what drives us in our professional lives.  

Former clients have been highly satisfied with our services forcing the interest to be continuously expanding, and today we are busier than ever – still improving IT professionally and with great human contact.

Project & Program Management

After cooperating with us, clients successfully executing their strategic projects and programs. Our clients keeps on coming back, because we focus on creating value for them in all steps of the journey – we make the their success criteria our own.

Agile Transformation

Helping our clients realize the agile transformation from beginning to end is what we do. We support on and drive any step of the way, from the outset, where the strategic goals are defined, to the end where the agile methods become the ways of working and benefits are being harvested. We pride ourselves in being able to adjust the journey towards the exact goals of the client, ensuring management commitment along the way.

Vendor Selection & Vendor Management

Formalizing our clients’ vendor selection process by making objective selection criteria’s matching the client strategy and business requirements ensuring the best vendor match. With selection and contract negotiation successfully completed, we offer our professional vendor management services to ensure the overall success.


We help our clients define an outsourcing strategy aligned with the client’s company strategy. With great insight into the outsourcing market and models, we advise the clients on the right outsourcing path. We drive the establishment of the outsourcing setup for our clients through partnerships or own in-house offshore organization.

Interim Management

Our team has vast experience in a diverse pallet of IT management roles, from team lead to CxO level. With this experience in the baggage, we step in to ensure effective continuation of the business, letting the client focus on getting the right candidate for the position.